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The Talwars & their lawyer to watch Rahasya in advance

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Aarushi murder caseThe Aarushi murder case convicts, who are supposedly her parents, were sentenced to jail after the CBI court found them guilty of the crime last year. The murder case spread like a fire across nation and a movie named 'Rahasya' is being directed on the same issue by director Manish Gupta.

However the Talwars in opposition to this movie filed a PIL in the court asking to ban the movie, since it might tarnish their image in the society.

Rajesh and Nupur Talwar's lawyer, Neha Mehta, filed a PIL in the court seeking courts intervention against the censor board to stay its U/A certificate of the film 'Rahasya'.

Advocate Atul G Damle is Gupta's attorney, while additional solicitor general Kevic Setalvad is appearing for the Central Board of Film in this case.

Talwar's lawyer argued in the court that with the release of this film, their petition in the Allahabad High Court against their conviction might face injustice.

"Everybody has an impressionable mind, and the appeal is pending and matter is sub judice. Ours is a genuine concern - if at all the movie has a bearing with my life story, it shows the father and mother as the killers, and of course it will have a bearing in the lives of the people. The Aarushi murder case has already become a public trial, I dont want to further that thing," said Mehta.

Thought the censor board assures that the movie is a lot more different than the reality, Mehta argued and demanded that the Talwars and she be allowed for a pre-screen of the film, to which Atul Damle, the director’s counsel agreed to.

However the director's attorney agreed to fulfill this demand only on one condition that Mehta would not reveal the climax of the film.

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